Bootleg Films

We make it and we make it strong.

Our ambition is simple. To develop and produce the finest film hooch this industry has seen for a long time. 

Our history is years of making the finest advertising brews, brews that you would never know we made. In a complicated world why make things even more complicated. Bootleg Films make it to order.


Timothy kendall

The quick 3x5 is that I was born in the desert, made epic war movies with friends and family, never grew out of that.  I was a drummer in a few terrible bands but felt the percussion section was solid.  Then went to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA studying film, advertising, and VFX.  I edited an independent feature film right out of college while working with Ad Agencies as a director/editor/vfx artist.  Signed to a few companies worldwide, shot a bunch of spots worldwide. Won a few Clios, AICPs, ADDYs, and a campaign I did for Red Tail Ale was featured at Cannes by Saatchi & Saatchi as the "Future of Advertising”.  That was before youtube hit and they were absolutely right.  From then I kept shooting spots and fight everyday to not become a douche bag. ESPN, HONDA, SAMSUNG, BMW, CHEVY, MICROSOFT are a few repeat clients, amongst others.  This last year I made my first feature film which was a $30m Action/Comedy that was co-produced by China and America.  Justin Lin (Fast&Furious guy who is now directing Star Trek 3) wrote and produced it.