Bootleg Films

We make it and we make it strong.

Our ambition is simple. To develop and produce the finest film hooch this industry has seen for a long time. 

Our history is years of making the finest advertising brews, brews that you would never know we made. In a complicated world why make things even more complicated. Bootleg Films make it to order.


Bootleg becomes one of "The Family" with Gomorrah

Bootleg Films are delighted to be working with the fabulous folk on the popular Sky Atlantic TV series "Gomorrah".

Set in the suburbs of Naples, the hit series focuses on organised crime and complex relationships of gangsters, drug dealers and ordinary people.

Our esteemed crew will be shooting around the sights of London which will be aired later this year. You do not want to miss it. 






kirkby & knoxville call to action!

Tim Kirkby is back on home territory after a few month's Stateside working with the legendary Johnny Knoxville on 'slapstick' feature film 'Action Point' based on the infamous 1970's NY adventure park renowned for it's poorly designed, ridiculously unsafe rides and often under the influence staff. The film releases this summer and is sure to be a runaway success. The official trailer is below for those of you who are waiting with anticipation...